Our Services

Patent Valuation

We offer a fully bespoke valuation service using our proprietary methodology to give a realistic starting point as to the prospects and viability of your intellectual property for either sale or licence. We also specialise in academic patent valuation offering a 50% discount on commercial rates.

Patent Brokerage

Alternative Investment Fundraising

Through our network of global investment partners we are able to assist SMEs in alternative financing and investment fundraising. We offer direct investments though our discretionary fund, joint venture brokerage or manufacturing lines of credit.

Due Diligence pre-M&A

We offer a niche service for Investment Banks, Private Equity and Alternative Hedge Funds in the due diligence phase of private sector, industry or institutional merger and acquisition. We assess the deep IPR and R&D viability and monetisation potential and benchmarking which expands past the warranties and assurances in non infringement.

About Us

European Patent Brokers was founded by entrepreneurs working for and with the European Space Agency. Seeing the groundbreaking technology being developed, used and patented for aerospace and satellite purposes, the founders realized that this technology could be be both transferred and implemented into terrestrial applications . Following the initial remit of brokers for ESA, European Patent Brokers operates and offers services in the private sector on a global basis covering valuation, brokerage and non-traditional asset based investment fundraising.


Beau Greville
Beau Greville
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Matthy van Paridon
Matthy van Paridon
Co-founder & Managing Partner RWV Advocaten

Some of our Clients

ESA - Thomson Reuters- The British Government- Bain Consulting- McKinsey- JP Morgan Chase- Deutsche Bank- BQURE- Siskin Capital- ABAG AG- Imperial Collage London- The Royal Brompton Hospital- S&T Corporation- Empiriko- SGS- RWV